Our commitment to integrity has proven to be a vital part of our success. The quality of our asphalt products is unsurpassed. City Asphalt has the largest most comprehensive facility on Staten Island, the ability to purchase asphalt locally, saves you from the high cost of transportation, tolls and out of state fees.

Our goal is customer retention and we will do everything possible to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to call us with your requests. With long standing ties in the industry, we are always looking to help our customers and be of service to you.


What are your operating hours?

Our standard hours of operations are 6AM to 4PM and 7PM to 5AM, however we are available to be open 24-hours a day upon request.

Do you provide asphalt at night?

Yes.  We are able to provide asphalt at night.  Please call us to discuss our nighttime plant opening fees.

How do I request a quote?

Call us anytime to request a quote (718) 494-8100.  We would love to hear from you.

How do I place an order?

Call us anytime to place an order (718) 494-8100.

Do you provide trucking?

We do not provide trucking; however, we could recommend a trucking company for you to call.

Do you accept excavated material from our job?

Yes, we do.  We accept chunk asphalt and millings.  We then recycle your excavated material and reuse it in our mix.

What other products do you provide?

We are fully approved to supply New York City and New York State asphalt mixes.  We produce Type 6F Top, Type 7F Top Course & Type 3RA Binder Base Course daily.

We are also a major supplier of aggregates such as: ¾” Bluestone, ¾” Clean Stone, Pipe Sand, Masonry Sand, Cold Patch, Petrotac Reflective Cracking Membrane and Quikseal Joint Sealing Tape.

Does City Asphalt provide paving services?

We do not provide paving services; however, we can recommend a paving company for you to call.

What is RAP?

RAP stands for Recycled Asphalt Product.  RAP is a recycled blend of your inbound millings and chunk asphalt which gets screened into a proper gradation and recycled into the mix.

What type of material do you recycle? What are millings?

We recycle chunk asphalt and millings asphalt.  Pavement milling is the process of removing part of the surface course of a roadway to create a smooth and level surface. 

Is your asphalt approved for New York City?

Yes.  We are a fully approved vendor in New York City and New York State.

Can you provide mix designs for our engineer?

Yes.  Please contact us for mix designs (718) 494-8100

Staten Island Asphalt, Brooklyn Asphalt, City Asphalt, (718) 494-8100
Staten Island Asphalt, Brooklyn Asphalt, City Asphalt, (718) 494-8100
Staten Island Asphalt, Brooklyn Asphalt, City Asphalt, (718) 494-8100