DGA Names: DGA (dense graded aggregate), ¾” well graded aggregate, ¾” QP (quarry process), ¾” dirty stone, ¾” blend, ¾” shoulder stone, ¾” crusher run, Item 4 sub base, Type II Subbase, subbase, and virgin general fill

Stone Size:  Well blended stone typically ¾” minus providing good compaction with suitable drainage

DGA Stone is available picked up at our plant or delivered to your job site. There is a 20-ton minimum for bulk delivery. For pricing call, us at (718) 494-8100.

Stone Calculator: DGA stone is sold per ton and is generally 1.5 tons per 1 cubic yard loose in truck.


Makes an ideal material for use as a base in high-traffic areas such as roadways, driveways, bike paths, walkways and paving block projects.

There are many uses for DGA stone:

  • Road base
  • Base material for concrete pavers
  • Base material for asphalt driveways, walkways and bike paths
  • Base material for interlocking walls
  • Fill material
  • Borrow Fill

DGA can be used by state municipalities, parks departments, builders, landscapers, landscape suppliers, masonry suppliers and contractors, paving companies, nurseries, garden centers, private contractors and homeowners. Safe for use around schools, playgrounds and homes

Other items available upon request

Call us at (718) 494-8100

  • 1 ½” Stone – Railroad ballast, #3 stone
  • Rip Rap – 3”- 5”, 4”- 8”, 6”- 12”
  • Special blends
  • RCA – ¾”, blend